• Reliable

    Lawyer Unlimited is reliable because it’s powered by The Coles Firm P.C., an established name in the legal community.  This is not legal outsourcing to a foreign country.  There are no rooms filled with paralegals.  You will not be routed to random lawyers who provide inconsistent levels of service.

    Every Lawyer Unlimited client has complete access to The Coles Firm P.C. and its lawyers.  Every lawyer works exclusively for The Coles Firm and adheres to a consistent standard of service.

  • Predictable

    Lawyer Unlimited is predictable because we set a monthly fee for your complete and unlimited access to The Coles Firm P.C. and its legal professionals.  There are no surprises.  No monthly bills with time entries to view (and wonder about).  On the first of each month, you pay your monthly service charge, and the rest of the month you can rest assured that all your questions are answered and addressed.

    Lawyer Unlimited also is predictable because you know the lawyers who provide the services. And those lawyers commit to provide feedback to your questions and concerns, often in less than 24 hours. And if an answer requires more time to research and resolve, we advise you of that fact as soon as we know it.

  • Unlimited

    Lawyer Unlimited truly is unlimited. There is no true-up at the end of each month, quarter, or year. Your flat rate is just that…flat. As your business needs change, we can adjust your monthly rate, up or down, to make sure your business is the first priority,

    What’s not included?  Specialized legal services, like bankruptcy, immigration, tax, and intellectual property.  For those areas, we help you find the right lawyer and, at your request, we will manage that lawyer so you get what you need and not what you don’t.