Tony Robertson

Chief Financial Officer

OnSite Health Diagnostics, LLC

As a growing business we are always working to manage cash and control our expenses. By setting up our legal services on a fixed monthly fee we have been able to take one of the more material irregular expenses and make it predictable. Additionally we believe there is great value in the fee structure of the program given the scope of services provided and our occasional intense use of contract review services.

Sharon Moloney

Chief Executive Officer

Nannies On The Go, LLC

The “Lawyer Unlimited” program has been a great solution for our company. We deal with contracts on a daily basis and with over 500 Nannies we have loads of legal inquiries. Our questions are answered quickly. If we need a contract modification, we get an immediate response and in turn, so do our clients. I feel much more secure about developing my business knowing I have legal advisors every step of the way. It feels as if you have an internal legal department at a fraction of the cost.

Brian Morgan

Chief Operating Officer

MedTrials, Inc.

The Coles Firm’s Lawyer Unlimited service is an excellent resource for small and mid-sized businesses. This unique and very affordable model eliminates the cost concerns that place business owners in the uncomfortable position of metering out requests for legal consults so cautiously that we don't reach out for advice when we should.

The team at The Coles Firm is professional, pragmatic, and results-focused and they stand behind their commitment to provide unlimited access to legal advice for a very reasonable and fixed monthly fee. I've never seen a risk-sharing arrangement for professional services this aggressive, and this well supported. As a business owner working in a complex field, and with employees in multiple states, I have never been disappointed with the quality or cost of the services my firm has received.

Maria V. Alonso Dominguez

Chief Executive Officer

Cathedral Plumbing of Texas, LLC

When I started my new company, I was referred to The Coles Firm to help create the company and draft my vendor, customer and employee agreements. For what some lawyers charge to draft one document, I became a Lawyer Unlimited monthly client. Now my legal questions get answered and I am comfortable planning and growing my business without surprise legal expenses.