Lawyer Unlimited began as our effort to help clients manage their legal costs and budgets without sacrificing the quality or extent of their legal services. The harsh reality of the traditional attorney-client relationship comes down to this: every time you call or email your lawyer you first must decide the issue warrants the bill you likely will receive. The result is many clients charge forward without legal advice, believing or hoping their best guess is good enough for most questions.

Lawyer Unlimited eliminates the guesswork. No more guessing about legal questions. And no more guessing about the cost of high-quality legal services. You know the real answer to your question, with rapid response time. And you know the real cost of your legal advice, with no “up charges” or bills to review.

When we say Lawyer Unlimited is powered by The Coles Firm P.C., we mean our firm stands behind Lawyer Unlimited and provides the services. We do not outsource your legal questions. We do not employ a team of paralegals to address your concerns. Lawyer Unlimited is a service of The Coles Firm P.C., which means you are a valued client of the firm and will be treated like any other client of the firm.

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